Growing Your Business Using Freelancers

When your business reaches a certain point, there are certain decisions that you have to make in order to maximize your profits and increase efficiency. The same advice doesn’t work for everyone’s situation, but there are some I’ve found to be applicable even when organizing one’s changing daily life objectives and plans. Here is one major tip you can utilize as you to prepare for growth.
Outsourcing: I have come to learn that there are some jobs that better done by someone else so as to free up your time for the more difficult or important aspects of running your business.

It is usually difficult to opt to pay someone else when there isn’t a lot of revenue flowing in, but you need to remember that your hourly rate is higher than what certain free lancers may command, so why not let them get the job done. Some of the prime tasks to outsource include those in the tech sector such as web coding and design, editing of write ups and even administrative assistance.

There are various internet sources to find great freelancers from all around the world such as on oDesk and Craig’s list. When searching for a freelancer, look through some of their previous projects so you can gauge their level of quality before making your decision. Make sure at the onset, you set expectations of the time it will take to do the job and the final product required. This can be done through time tracking devices such as Harvest and the ones offered on oDesk.

It’s also important to treat your employees well so you can lay the foundation for a future job with them and maintain good reviews on the freelance platforms; it also helps with good karma. Finally do not be afraid to fire fast! The inconvenience incurred earlier on is infinitely less than the future frustration. If the expectations are not met, find another person to do the job. Good luck and go forth and outsource!