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Payroll Preparation

Have employees? Payroll is more than just tracking hours and cutting paychecks at the end of the week. Think about all the areas of your business that are touched by the payroll function. You need to be sure that the hourly pay to the employees is correct, the amount being deducted for federal income taxes is deducted and deposited in a timely manner. In addition to federal income taxes, there are federal and state unemployment taxes that must be maintained and paid with each pay period. And sometimes you must deal with wage garnishments, benefit deposits, and tracking. Having to manage payroll is a job within itself. Or you can have Hatch & Associates, Inc. manage this job for you. We have full-service payroll packages that will relieve you of the stress and pressure that the payroll function can cause. We will process your full payroll timely and accurately. We offer direct deposit and payroll check cards. We will process all your quarterly and annual payroll tax returns, make all tax deposits, and handle the process and payment of any wage garnishments.


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