Thank you for your interest in Hatch & Associates Inc. We are a professional business consulting firm that specializes and focuses on the growth, strength and success of its clients. We provide a variety of financial and consulting services that allows you to spend your valuable time focusing on your core competencies and growth of your business. When your hire Hatch & Associates Inc. you are not just getting an outsourced contractor, you are adding a valuable member to your team who will be as invested in the success and competitiveness of your business as you are. Hatch & Associates, Inc. offers experience, leadership, integrity, and a commitment to excellence.


The bookkeeping professionals at Hatch & Associates will add value to your business by giving you more time to focus on the growth and success of your business. Our bookkeeping service packages are designed to meet you financial reporting needs and not break your budget..

Nonprofit Specialist

Hatch & Associates, Inc are nonprofit specialists, and can assist your organization, small or large, in a variety of financial and tax filing needs. Our firm assists both one-person causes to large organizations with millions in assets.

Tax Preparation

Hatch & Associates are trained tax preparers and can assist your small business or nonprofit in your yearly IRS taxes. For the vast majority of small businesses or nonprofits, a trained and experienced bookkeeper can adequately assist you in these matters, as well as keep your books and records in good shape to make all this easier.