Tax Preparation for Small Business and Nonprofits

Hatch & Associates are trained tax preparers and can assist your small business or nonprofit in your yearly IRS taxes.

Income Tax Services
Tax Preparation (Personal and Business)
Tax Filing (Federal Income, State Sales & Use, State Franchise)

You do NOT need a CPA to prepare your taxes! A CPA is only needed for certified or audited financial statements, or to represent you in an IRS audit.

For the vast majority of small businesses or nonprofits, preparing 1040, 1120, 1120s, 1065, 940, 941, Schedule A, B, C, E, K1 and other small business forms, or yearly 990 for nonprofits, a trained and experienced bookkeeper can adequately assist you in these matters, as well as keep your books and records in good shape to make all this easier… and also do it at less cost than a large CPA firm.

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